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BHUY765EGSFixed a memory leak in NotesRichTextDocLink class.
EDDN66KNFJCreating a new view or changing its selection formula programmatically

used to mistakenly clear the view's form-formula. This problem has been...
JCHN6N6JMBInstr() crashes searching in string with embedded nulls
We now stop at first embedded null in the search string.
WMUH77GJ8EFixed processing of the flag parameter for simultaneous rename and move. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
YTAA5LQ4UTIf "@Today" is used in a column formula, "Collapse all when database is first opened" option does not work This problem has been...
JCON6MJKDHFixed a hang that can occur during Notes Client shutdown, due to contension between the clock applet and Notes Client. This fix inserts a timeout...
RCE5HMTCAThis fix allows a command to go through even if a category was selected in the view.
BHUY6R5CZAAdded static text to the column advanced properties infobox explaining that Style is not really a property, to avoid user...
BHUY75XJL2LotusScript is yielding too often, which was necessary a while back with slower machines. Now that Machines are much faster, we changed it to yield...
CTSI75LJS4The value stored in a computed rich-text field will no longer be lost if a back-end save is performed.
RGAU74TKULFixed a crash when trying to open a frameset that has a form with an embedded outline. This regression was introduced in 7.0.2.
DJOE5Y8J7KFixed an issue where Hungarian (and maybe other locals) where certain formulas, such as @Command([MailAddress]) would get compiled to todays...
JCOL7BDM7GThis fix addresses an issue where memory could be overwritten processing an ACL.
JSTH5DWK9FView shows replication conflicts based on cache error. Fixed 3 cases of replication conflicts. The following is a description of the cases:
MMQN6JNKXNNotesUIDocument's FindString method was changing defaults on the Client. This fix makes sure to save the default aside, and restore the value when...
PALT7FYQKCFixed a potential problem using front-end classes to open or add a database after closing another. This regression was introduced in...
SODY77FDGUFix for ArrayOutOfBoundsException that would occur when filling the underlying cache used by a ViewNavigator object.
FYOU7EKBY6Fix for an exception when calling extractFile() over DIIOP on zero byte attachment.
DMAT72JLWWAdded NotesDatabase.CreateDocumentCollection method to create empty doc collection.


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